chuwi lapbook

Laptops with the Brightest Screens

Just about any laptop is bright enough to use in a dark room, but what about when you’re sitting near a window or even outdoors on a sunny day? We measure the corners and middle of each notebook screen with our light meter and then take the average, which is presented in nits. A score of 300 nits or higher on a laptop screen is really bright.

Other Benchmarks

  • Highest Resolution Screens – Screen resolutions that are higher than 1920 x 1080 (1080p).
  • Weight – Laptops that weigh 3.5 pounds or less.
  • Battery Life – Machines that lasted over 9 hours on our test.
  • Graphics Performance – Systems that achieved a high score on the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark.
  • Hard Drive Speed – Reads and writes files the fastest with their hard drives or SSDs.
  • Overall Performance – Strongest scores on Geekbench 4, which measures overall system speed.
  • Productivity Performance – Top processor speed as measured by the Laptop Spreadsheet Macro test.
  • Color Gamut – The most vibrant laptop screens can reproduce at least 95 percent of the sRGB color gamut.